Project Management is an application of Knowledge, Skill, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Project Management Consultant brings Professionals of different functions required for Project on same table, bind them together and lead them in a flow from start till completion of the Project.

He provides effective measures to improve the efficiency of the Project, establishes equilibrium in the Project, and manages various Projects related activities, Conduct periodic reviews to make sure that the Project runs on the right track.

Appointing Project Management Consultants (PMC) could be a viable option before a Society goes in for Redevelopment. This is one of the mandatory Redevelopment provision incorporated in these Rules

In Redevelopment, Project management consultant has the very important role. He is the first person/agency to be appointed in redevelopment process.

He understands the status and requirements of Projectly unregulated sectors in spite of many laws.
He prepares feasibility report, considering present DC rules, Construction cost, all approval cost and present selling cost. projects.
He prepares tenders with legal and technical aspects included.No proper information about the builder.
He studies each developer’s proposal, make comparisons as per the project requirements, submits his report to society.Quick Redressal.
After developer’s selection, he prepares and executes all legal documentations between developer and
He monitors all the approvals to be taken from developer.Do not provide OC and Completion Certificate.
He monitors all the activities of construction to ensure good results.Demand Additional amount in cash.
He monitors legal and technical documents of project to get society members their own house and developer completes the project in win-win situation.Do not Form the Societies or give conveyance.
  To make any redevelopment project successful, PMC must have following team members.
Project Coordinators
Structural Engineers
Civil Engineers
Liasoning persons
Site Supervisors
Supporting staff