Redevelopment means demolition of the old building, structures and constructing new building or structures with new style, design with advance technology as per modern techniques. These new building or structures are constructed as per modern standard of architecture. As the building is reconstructed by demolition of an old structure, the life span of the building structures automatically increase, the expenses for major repairs are curtailed down to almost none as the building structures are new.

Redevelopment or reconstruction of building structures help to tremendous appreciation in the value of individual flats or the building as a whole. The members of the Society are able to avail new flats with extra space and modern amenities free of cost which makes their living comfortable, and the feeling to shift to a new flat in a new building looks attractive.

The major players in the redevelopment activities are:

  (a) Society or landlord
  (b) Members or tenants or dwellers
  (c) Developer
There are many Societies which actually do not know whether they need redevelopment. The members or the committee of such Society are probably unaware of the byelaws and do not know the condition of the very building which house them. For them it is advisable to go through Notification of 79 –A. This notification guides each and every step to be taken for successful redevelopment.
  1. Appointing Project Management Consultant.
  2. Discussion on Feasibility report submitted by P.M.C.
  3. Tendering process for Pre-qualification of Developers.
  4. Selection of suitable and capable Developer.
  5. Monitoring the Construction work .
  6. Getting back to new homes with all the valid legal documents.